For session descriptions and additional information, see the detailed agenda
CST Time Presenter Presenter
8:30 Pre-Conference One-on-one Networking
9:00 Welcome to Nudge It North
9:10 Keynote: Annie Duke “Making Better Decisions”
10:00 Jez Groom: The Proofing Ladder & How to Scale BeSci in Business Christina Gravert: To remind or not remind...that is the question for medication adherence
10:30 Ali Fenwick: Digital Psychology Reuben Kline: Meritocracy or Malfeasance
11:00 One-on-one Networking
11:15 Charlotte Blank: Lead Like a Scientist – Lessons from a Field Experiment in Sales Incentive Design   Jonathan Mann: Can You “Design” an Experience?
11:45 Poster Session: Ben Carter, Ike Silver, Jennifer Xue, & Michael Murphy Amy Bucher: Blurring Boundaries – Driving the Change Necessary to Reach Your Goals
12:10 Keynote: Bob Cialdini “Persuasion in the Modern World”
1:00 Prince Ghuman/ Matt Johnson: Communication is Crucial! Jim Guszcza: Integrating Behavioral Science and Data Science in Our Work
1:30 Andy Luttrell: Speak Their Language – How Persuasion Depends on Matching the Message to Your Audience Brad Shuck: The Behavioral Science of Reintegration and Employee Engagement
2:00 Matt Loper: Behavioral Science and Improving Health Outcomes Scott Jeffrey: What Leads to Unethical Behavior? 
2:30 Keynote: Gary Latham & John Bargh: “Goals, Priming, and a Skeptics Conversion”
3:25 Closing Remarks and Next Steps 
3:30 Networking one-on-one sessions Discussion: The ethics of behavioral science Discussion: The future of behavioral science Discussion: Open discussion on anything BS

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Nudge it North